Hooray! Update!

detectivegemdannypuffHappy New Year?! I know it’s been a while. I have NO excuse whatsoever, except life/work/my own lack of motivation.

So here’s a little sketch I begun thisafternoon. Just a little illustration yet again for the magnificent Danny Dourado (www.dannydourado.com! IT EXISTS!) and a not-yet titled project of his involving a detective, a doughnut store and a fat little dragon. Good things come in D’s! HOW ARE THEY CONNECTED? You’ll have to read to find out!

Landscapes are not my thing…but I’m trying.


Another Gutslug illustration in progress. I need to conquer my fear of backgrounds…or perhaps just my pure laziness! So I’m doing a few scenic drawings, ease myself into it. I’m actually rather pleased! Considering my idea of a background is usually just “Yeaaah, let’s whack a gradient on there, that looks good… ooh, and this brush effect…DONE.”

Introducing Gutslug and Cramp

These two fellows are characters from a childrens’ book by a very talented author I know by the name of Danny Dourado (and when he gets his website sorted, the link will be here!). I’m having tremendous fun doing the illustrations for him! Mythical creatures are easier to draw than I’d thought. Mostly because anatomy completely goes out the window.

It’s all a bit secretive right now, but from this you should be able to get the sense that Gutslug is big and easily distracted by shiny things, and Cramp likes potatoes…two very important plot points!


Wow…since it’s been a good 7 or 8 years years since I had one of those mystical “Live Journals”, I am completely out of touch with the blogosphere and how to use it. Even on Facebook it usually takes me a good 5 or 10 minutes to come up with an interesting status. So I won’t rabbit on here, only to say that this little website will be mostly just a little gallery of my work, and not for me to talk about myself too much. However, being an internet-based artist, you CAN expect a few generic posts about tea and how much I love my cats and my Wacom tablet and all that. There’s nothing new, is there?!

Anyways – enjoy, dear visitors! 🙂

…For the record, I do love my cat.